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Santorini Wedding Planning image Santorini is the ultimate destination for lifetime events such as your dream marriage. With the romantic views and the cosmopolitan feeling can transform your special day into a memorable experience that you will remember for ever. You can blend romantic evenings and chill out mood with exciting nightlife in clubs and bars around the island.
In Santorini's unique views your marriage can be anything you dream of. It can be a relaxing marriage in the level of privacy you require or be the supreme party you've always wanted.

Santorini Wedding Planning image 2 Whatever you decide to include in your marriage, our wedding planning service can arrange it for you in the most professional way. Our dedicated and specialized partners are ready to design the perfect scenery for you to experience the day of your dreams.
Your guests will be the audience and you, of course, will be the leading stars of the party.
While you enjoy your special coctails in the best beaches of Santorini, while the sun sets behind the sea creating our famous sunset, our Wedding Planning experts will be organizing even the slightest details for your big moment.

Our services include

  • Make up, hairstyle, pedicure, manicure from our highly trained creative team
  • Wedding Dress and Wedding Suit Designed by well known designers of the island
  • Hotels and Suites for you and your special guests
  • Wedding Party planning with food and drinks of your choice
  • Music and professional lighting with famous DJs that will have you dancing all night
  • Favors or other memorabilia of your choice
  • We can also include planning for bachellor party with anything you desire such as (but not limited to) luxurious suite for chilling out with your best friends, spa treatment, beach parties, elegant dinner etc

Our Wedding Planning Partners

We have teamed up with the best businesses in every field to provide you with high quality services that will be remembered for ever.

Our wedding photography studio Dream On by Trifonas Trifonopoulos, the most famous Santorini photographer, will make sure the photography and video from your wedding will be pure magic, just like Santorini's sunset...

Because life is remembered through good memories...

Wedding Planning

Get married in Santorini and have it all planned before you even arrive!

We have partnered with the best businesses of Santorini to offer you a total and unique wedding that will be remembered for ever. Leave the details, big or little to us so you can have the wedding of your dreams.
We can offer you a complete package that extends from the looks of the soon-to-be-married couple and the details of the wedding party, to the hotels that will accomodate you and your guests and even tours of the island.

If you dream your wedding at the most romantic place on earth, contact us today!

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